Rearrange the jumbled sentences in a logic manner.
1. In India faces 
2. Is the quantity and quality of teachers
3. That formal education
4.One of the major problems






C. 4,3,1,2


  • The correct option is c
  • i.e, 
    One of the major problems that formal education in India faces is the quantity and quality of teachers
  • One of + plural subject+ plural verb
  • ‘4’ becomes the first because rest are starting from prepositions, connectors and relative pronoun.’3’’ follows ‘4’ and ‘3’ is followed by ‘1’ and then ‘2’.

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You are required to rearrange these parts , which are labelled P,Q,R and S to produce the correct sentence.

(P) on their income as long as 

(Q) Mutual funds are not taxed 

(R) in the Internal Revenue Code 

(S) they comply with requirements established 

Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentence.

Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentence.

A: Lyrics help in creating a distinctive narrative, some conventions of which have been carried over from the talkative era.

B: Thus, songs have outlived films in people’s memories.

C: However, songs seem to have acquired a musical grammar of their own, establishing an emotional chord with the listeners.

D: In popular Indian cinema, lyrics are to music what the heart is to the body.

 Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order. 

We should learn our lesson
P: from this history and stay away
Q: of our neighbours
R: from interfering in the messy domestic politics