Tara ______________ us since march. Choose the correct tense form.

Ahasn't been visiting

Bhas been visiting

Chas been

Dhasn't visited


D. hasn't visited


In the sentence "hasn't visited", the verb "visited" is in the present perfect tense, which indicates an action that started in the past and is still relevant in the present. The sentence correctly conveys that Tara has not come to visit since March. In the sentence "hasn't been visiting", the verb "been visited" is in the passive voice, which would imply that someone else has been visiting Tara. However, the intended meaning is that Tara has not come to visit. Additionally, the sentence structure is incorrect, as "been" should not be used with "visited" in this context. A corrected version of the second sentence could be "We haven't been visited by Tara since March", which conveys that Tara has not come to visit us.

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