They were widening the road. Change into passive voice.

AThe road were widened by them.

BThe road was widened by them.

CThe road were being widened by them.

DThe road was being widened by them.


D. The road was being widened by them.


Active voice ലെ verb was/were + verb + ing വന്നാൽ passive voice ലേക്ക് മാറ്റുന്ന വിധം: Object + was/were+ being + V3 + by + subject. ഇവിടെ active voiceൽ 'were widening' ആണ്. ഇവിടെ object 'the road' ആണ്. The road (singular) ആയതു കൊണ്ട് തന്നെ auxiliary verb 'was' വരും. അതിനു ശേഷം 'being' എഴുതണം. അതിനു ശേഷം V3 form ആയ widenedഎഴുതണം. അതിനു ശേഷം by. Active voice ൽ subject ആയി "they" വന്നതുകൊണ്ട് passive voice ലേക്ക് മാറുമ്പോൾ അത് 'them' ആകും.

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