What are the effects of tides?.List out the following:

i.The debris dumped along the sea shore and ports are washed off to the deep sea.

ii.The formation of deltas is disrupted due to strong tides.

iii.Brackish water can be collected in salt pans during high tides.

iv.Tidal energy can be used for power generation.

Ai and ii only

Bi and iv only

Cii,iii and iv

Di,ii,iii and iv


D. i,ii,iii and iv

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Sea Surges cause severe damage along the shores.What are the measures taken to prevent damages?.List out from the following:

i.Depositing boulders along the seashore

ii.Construction of interlocking concrete structures (Pulimuttu)

iii.Planting of mangroves.

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Which of the following belongs to the group of cold currents ?

i.Peru currents

ii.Oyashio currents

iii.Benguela currents