It was a great party. You _____ have come . Why didn't you?

I_____get up early tomorrow morning

You_____take care of your parents

You _____ go now

Children ______ afraid of the dark.

He looks as if he _____ rich.

There ______ plenty of opportunities for the talented people.

He _____ love her.

You ______ improve your vocabulary.

She asked me whether I _____ speak English fluently

______ you like some more rice.

All his money _____ spent on the house.

He _____ be very rich because he always travels in first class.

In my childhood I ______ usually watch the Cartoon Network.

Biju said that he _______ reach there tomorrow.

I was ________ living there when I was a boy.

I ______ live there when I was a boy.

The rich ________ help the poor.

They ______ reached there.

He is a teacher . Identify the auxiliary verb in the sentence.

She _______ singing.

_________ you please wash my clothes ?

We ______ respect our elders.